3 thoughts on “Iggy Pop – “I Won’t Crap Out” – Live”

  1. Yes it’s from France, from a Canal + TV Show. You can’t see the hosts, so I can’t tell you if it’s Nulle Part Ailleurs (90’s) or Le Grand Journal (recent) ; and I don’t know Iggy Pop well enough…

    “eat frogs” : guilty, (but I’m a Snails kind of guy)

    “shove sticks up their behinds” : Mensch was meinst du ?!
    Honest, I don’t get the reference…

    Thanks for the blog, it’s awesome!

    1. Sorry for the insult, ha, ha. That thing with the sticks is sort of a german saying and nobody in the audience is moving is what i meant. Not much of a rock’n roll audience if you know what I mean.

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